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Lunch Box

Located at 562 Main Street in Belleville. | Phone: (734) 391-8281

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Belleville Pro Hardware

Located at: 458 Main Street in Belleville | (734) 697-9595

Antiques on Main

Located at 430 Main Street in Belleville | (734) 699-8285

New Businesses

WELCOME NEW BUSINESSES! Please visit soon, and let these new businesses know you support Shopping and Dining Local. 

White Pine Dental, 187 Main Street. Welcome to Dr. DeAngelo Webster, 734-252-6002.

Edward Jones - Alicia McGovern, 337 Main St., Wecome to Downtown Belleville!  734-697-1842

Belle's, 381 Main, a Local Artisan Consignment Shop that also offers resale items. Welcome Owner/Manager Martha Milholin 734-325-2372, 

Platinum Luxe Beauty Co., 301 Main Street, Welcome Owner/Stylist Jacarra Beasley, 734-709-3358

Puro Wellness Center and Spa, 533 Main Street, Welcome Dr. Lisa Sullivan and her Natural Medicine center to downtown Belleville, 734- 716-5588