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Frosty Boy

Located at 67 Main St, Belleville | (734) 699-7188

A & W

Located at 148 West Columbia Ave. | (734) 699-1800

Lunch Box

located at 562 Main Street | (734) 391-8281.

Shop Local

Shop and Dine Downtown on the Lake

SHOP LOCAL - Let’s keep family owned shops in business. Local businesses cater to their customers, offering personalized service and unique products. Support the business people who reinvest in the community they serve. When you Buy It In Belleville, you contribute to the economic health of our community and help preserve our beautiful Downtown on the Lake.

All across Michigan Main Streets are coming alive! People are discovering the variety, uniqueness and fun, right in their home towns. They're also discovering the power of keeping their dollars in their communities.

Watch. Be inspired. Share: MICHIGAN MAIN STREET VIDEO

See Meet the Merchants for a Directory of Downtown Businesses.

10 Reasons to Buy It In Belleville

  1. Saves you money
  2. Sustains our community
  3. Promotes our distinctiveness
  4. Helps the environment
  5. Creates jobs
  6. Keeps dollars working here at home
  7. Appeals to everyone
  8. Provides value, variety, and personal service
  9. Saves time and gas
  10. Invests in your community

SHOP SMALL Keep the Shop Small spirit alive!

"On just one day, one hundred million of us joined a movement.
And a main street found its might again. And main street found its fight again.
And we, the locals, found delight again."

Sponsored by American Express, the inaugural Small Business Saturday, held between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, has galvanized Americans in support of small, independently owned local businesses that create jobs, boost the economy and invigorate neighborhoods across the country.